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About Us

Due to increasing the volume of marine projects and consequently increasing the number of ships for pipe and cable laying and marine structure installation, the importance of such ships reveals. Although, lack of companies for repairing these ships, increases the need for founding a company for providing these services in Iran.

 At this point, Akam Adak Offshore Engineering and Repair Co. with a professional work group were established at 2007.

 Akam Adak Co. is about to take powerful steps into repairing and maintenance projects with high experience and expertise.

 It has been trying to be the first company in repairing giant ships in Iran and region.

The main goal of Akam Adak Co.  is to be effective in internal markets and compete with foreign companies in repairing of government and private ships.  Akam Adak Co. will convert Iranian docks to main competitor of Dubai and Bahrain docks by using the expertise and correct management of repairing periods. Akam Adak is the creator of “Mobile Repairing Team” idea for offshore vessels. This team presents in ships and performs repairing of tools and machinery during the project to reduce the latency.

Experience of this company in several ship repairing projects plays the main role to obtain the certainty of controlling the internal market. We hope to have the main role in offshore repair, engineering of ships and structure market with collaborative effort and willing.

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